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TUF A17 TUF706IU-AS76 mouse freezing

Level 7
I'm experiencing the mouse freezing for about 2-10 seconds at a shot. it happens spuriously and can't say it happens when I do something specific.
has anyone seen this problem and know the fix?

Level 7
Just got an Asus TUF A15 TUF506IV and testing it. I am also having Trackpad mouse issue. Just like what OP said. It just happens out of the blues, the mouse pointer just becomes really sluggish, will not respond to Trackpad movements.

Thanks for the reply. That might have helped. Unfortunately, I have returned the TUF A15 laptop. I reached out to Asus tech. support but all they did was send me their generic support emails which are just a waste of time to follow.

I really liked the A15 laptop. It has so much potential (powerful specs.) even with its thermal issues and terrible screen.