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Tuf A17 (FA706II), Looking for correct BIOS format to flash chip with ch341a

Level 7
Hello, I suspect the BIOS on my brother's Asus Tuf A17 (FA706II) became corrupted after a failed update, leading to no POST situation. Long story short, i'm now using a ch341a adapter with a clip to read / write to BIOS chip.*

I have read and saved the current BIOS from the chip. I am now trying to flash a new BIOS image.

I downloaded the latest BIOS (Ez flash format) from Asus support site. I then converted it to a ROM file using the file renamer.*

The Rom file is too big for the chip (16Kb) and as I understand from other forums, I need to somehow extract a subsection of this file which can be written to the BIOS chip.*

Could anyone help me understand how to extract the needed parts of this file?

Any help appreciated!*

Level 10
May you try the steps in below FAQ instead?
Thank you.

Level 7

Hi looks like its been a few years since you sent this.  I was wondering if you were able to figure it out.  I am having the same problem now.  I was updating the bios and my dog jumped on the laptop and powered it off.  Pretty unfortunate.  I bought the ch431a but i cant find the 8 pin connector on the mobo.  There is 3 of them that look the same.  Also not sure how to use the file correctly to rewrite the bios onto it.