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TUF A16 screen blinking black occasionally on integrated graphics

Level 7

Hi All,

This is a new laptop.
I am getting periodic screen black blinks.
They are completely random, even when laptop is idle and on login screen, so not depending on the application being used.
Sometimes I am getting two-three blinks within few seconds and then i.e. a single blink after an hour.

I was checking windows log/event viewer, but did not find any suspicious tasks that could cause it.

I found it only happens when using integrated graphic card.
When I switch to RTX 4070 permanently, this is not happening.

I don't want to use the dedicated graphics for all time though and would like to find a solution for a blinking problem.

I was able to record the situation on my camera (approx 3rd-4th second in the video link here).
I was also recording the screen with built in windows screen recorder, but this does not show up, so clearly hardware/driver issue.

Any hints?

Asus support advised updating drivers and BIOS and all were and are up to date.


Level 7


I'm having exactly the same issue.

Commenting for notifications of future answers..

sorry to hear that.

i bet some people won't even see it... happy people 😉

i will be returning it, unfortunately.

worst thing is there is no reasonable alternative with quite good screen and speakers at this price tag 😞