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TUF A16 Advantage Edition hangs or freezes

Level 7

Hello all, 

I recently purchased this laptop and used it for a few days and then didn't have time to use it so it was sitting for a month or so. When I started using it again, I noticed that the mouse pointer (and the entire system) would hang or freeze for a few seconds to up to a minute. I rebooted, checked for Windows Updates, downloaded and re-installed AMD Software Adrenaline Edition, and nothing seemed to stop it.

So, I reset Windows. With a clean installation of Windows, the computer worked fine with no freezes. As soon as I opened Armoury Crate and accpeted the User License (without modifying anything else), the issue came back, so I reset Windows again. But I noticed that Armoury Crate automatically installs with a clean install. So I uninstalled it using AMD's uninstall tool. Everything worked great. But as soon as I download AMD Software for the newest graphics drivers, the same happens. 

I am using G-helper now, but would like to have the latest drivers or access to some of the features that AMD Software provides.

Is there any solution to this issue? Thanks!

TUF A16 Advantage Edition 2023.


Level 12

Your solution would be to take it back to where you bought it an ask them what the hell is going on with a brand new system.

Yes, I bought in the US and brought it back to my country where there is no warranty. I would have totally returned it if I had noticed the issue while in the US.

Level 9

Update to the latest version of the Graphic driver from AMD. If possible return it ASAP. I am stuck with this system and so are many of us.
Avoid chrome. 
Asus support can not help you. There is a massive problem with either the driver or the hardware. I had so many high hopes for this system. 😞

Level 7

Yeah, I had hopes for this one too. I haven't been using it much, but I did update the firmware and the issue seems to have gone away. I should reset Windows 11 to see if that is really the case.

Level 8

Asus Tuf A15 fa-507-nv user here, my laptop has similar issue, it lags, freeze for a one second in every 30-45 second and this only happens when it's running on battery power. I think I have this problem after I installed Armor Crate, also battery life is not very good it only last 2 or 2.30 hours during web browsing.

Try resetting Windows and never even opening Armour Crate. Unpin it from the taskbar. Create a restore point and start using it. If that works, try then uninstalling it via the Armour Crate Uninstall software. Then create another restore point and then update your graphics drivers and see how that goes. Also try updating your firmware to latest version. So far, mine has stopped lagging/freezing this way.

Level 8

Thanks for the answer, but I need Armor Crate and its features for adjust games, fan speed and more, so as long as this issue won't be harmful for the hardware I'm willing to accept it.

Level 7

I feel the same way. After you uninstall Armoury Crate, you can install It lets you control your GPU mode and fan speed. For the rest of the features you can use AMD Software, if that doesn't make your system hang.