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TUF A15 screen turns red at boot

Level 7

I bought this laptop in September 2023 so it’s almost new. A few days ago I had a problem where the screen would stay black when coming out of sleep mode. This morning when I booted it up and the screen had like a heavy red filter on it. Last night I played Overcooked 2 with a friend but I didn’t do anything unusual. I know it’s not a hardware problem because the colors were fine when displaying the bios menu.
Here are 2 images of my lock screen before and after for comparison :

YesterdayYesterdayThis morningThis morning

I contacted the technical support this morning and they said they would send me an email with multiple steps I can follow to solve the problem but they must have misspelled the address because I didn’t receive it, more than 5 hours later. Sadly I remembered to call them right when they clock out and I am desperately trying to find solutions. I don’t have a second screen so I am pretty much screwed right now.

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix it? I’ll try updating the drivers but I don’t think it will be enough.


Accepted Solutions

Level 12

You can take a look at this faq from Asus for how to troubleshoot screen problems.

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Level 12

You can take a look at this faq from Asus for how to troubleshoot screen problems.

I've been going through most of the steps of that page and it didn't change anything.


today at some point I opened PowerPoint and my screen turned black for a second then everything was back to normal again. I checked the night light settings by curiosity and it looks like it was deactivated while being active. I reactivated again to check and the screen turned red when it was on, and back to normal when I deactivated it. It was so obvious that I didn't bother to check and I didn't know it could be so extreme when turned to the max. I feel so stupid right now. The curious thing is I didn't activate it in the first place, or it was already activated but I didn't touch it. I'm glad the problem was that easy to solve. Thank you for your help, at least I got to learn some things.