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Level 7

Ryzen 7 4800h with RTX3050.

Cpu utilisation is not going above 50% even during heavy gaming resulting in low fps in games. What to do? 

Bought this laptop just 15 days ago.



Hey Piratexo,

There could be many reasons for CPU utilization being low! First thing though, can you check on your GPU utilization while in these games?

Yaa it goes upto 100% utilisation 

If your GPU is at 100% utilization but CPU is only at ~50%, you're probably GPU-bound on the game you're playing. (Your GPU is already working at max capacity so your CPU can't be used fully.)

Have you tried comparing your results to other similarly spec-ed systems (ideally the same model-- some reviews have benchmark results that might be able to help)? This can give you a general idea of if you're in the right range or not for your FPS.


Also, a few questions for you, similar to what I sent out to another user in this thread:

  • What games are you experiencing this in?
  • What settings are you using in those games?
  • What's your FPS?
  • Temperatures on CPU and GPU?
  • Is everything up-to-date?


Level 7

I am also facing same problem i do not get proper fps and gpu use only 50%, any solution to fix the problem?


Zisan, to clarify--your CPU and GPU are only running at 50% utilization?

A couple questions for you:

  • Which games are you experiencing this in?
  • What kind of FPS are you seeing?
  • What are your temperatures like for CPU and GPU?
  • Everything up-to-date? (such as windows, drivers, the app/game you're running, etc.)