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Stereomix with Cmedia ?

Level 7


I just bought an ASUS with Ryzen 7 6800H and Geforce 370Ti.It has a C-media audio controller instead of the realtek i'm used to.On all the computers i used, one of the first things I did was to enable "StereoMix", an hidden microphone device/feature that allows you to record your device.With this new computer, it doesn't appears on the audio devices list... I tried updating everything I could in the device manager, windows update etc, but nothing changes. I could try downloading specific drivers for cmedia but... I have no idea how to know what cmedia controller is on my computer exactly so i have no idea what to download on their website.

Is it possible at all to have stereomix with cmedia ? Or equivalent ? If so I'll have to return my computer... It's a thing i use daily.

Any clue ?


Level 7

Update: I updated

Asus system controller interface driver
AMD Graphic driver
ROG Graphic Nvidia driver

It took a while for it to work, just rebooting once wasn't enough for some reasons... But now it works.