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Serious problem with TUF Dash F15 both the RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 versions

Level 7
I have 3 TUF DASH F15 with RTX 3070 (FX516PR) and 2x TUF DASH F15 with RTX 3060 (FX516PM)

I also have 5x Zephyrus G15 with RTX 3070 and 2x Zephyrus G14 with RTX 3060.

All the TUF DASH F15 I have has a problem where the GPU Clock, GPU MEM Clock and GPU Power will drop from Max TGP to around ~55W for a couple of seconds every x amount of seconds (it could be about less than 5 minutes interval to less than 30 seconds interval (it gets worse the longer it runs).

It does not happen when the ambient temp is relatively cool (below 70F if I have to guesstimate). From what I can tell the problem usually happens when the ambient is above 80F.

I thought It might be due to AC adapter getting hot so I put a cooling fan directly into it, but the problem still happens.

I have also put the computer in Turbo Mode via ARMORY CRATE to get the fans to MAX, but it made no difference.

On the FX516PM, the problem gets worse after the BIOS was automatically updated to 314 and beyond (it did it automatically) and now it has the problem all the time even when the Ambient temp is cool. To make matters worse there is no working way to downgrade the BIOS even through WInflash /nodate or CTRL+HOME (does not work)

I also noticed for FX516PR there is a vBIOS update version 6.0.0 from MyAsus app and that vBIOS did nothing to fix the issue, but it reduced the maximum VRAM overclock slider in MSI Afterburner to only +300 (previously it is above +1XXX)

My Zephyrus laptops do not experience this issue.

Level 7
I've been using RivaTunerStatistics with my FX516PM and after reading your post, i noticed the same. Perhaps that is the performance issue i'm having with my laptop. My previous laptop (XPG XENIA with 9th gen i7 and GTX1660ti) was a lot more powerfull in terms of gaming than the actual one. Few days ago i've bough a laptop for my brother (as a present for his birthday) a MSI GL63 9SE (9th i7 and RTX2060) and it does better than the Tuf f15 FX516PM. It's kinda sad that the FX516PM has more powerfull specs and performs worse than two or one generation old hardware due to the bad optimization.

I have TUF Dash FX516PM (RTX 3060 version) and have experienced PCIE speed issue. I tried to monitor using TechPowerUp GPU-Z tool.

What happens is whenever my laptop wakes up from sleep and I start a game, the PCIE speed has to shift from 4.0 1.1x to 4.0 4x, but after a minute or two, it drops to 4.0 1x itself. Under ideal conditions same game's (Rocket League for example) GPU load is 50-60%, whereas when it drops to 1x speed, GPU load is 95-99 %. This causes the laptop to eventually crash with a BSOD.

It took me two months and a complete board change in my laptop (under warranty since the service guy had no clue too) to figure out it is not a hardware issue, but has to do most likely with Asus' BIOS setup which is not initializing the appropriate control to NVIDIA drivers on wake from sleep state.

The laptop works fine when it boots from shutdown. This has been reported in several NVIDIA forums too from as early as 3 years back. This has been a long standing issue, and can't believe Asus hasn't fixed this yet.

I am just explaining this out here so fellow TUF Dash users find a post that talks about this. The solution to fix this is to avoid using sleep state and switch to using hibernate mode. That doesn't mess up with NVIDIA GPU drivers.

A reference post on NVIDIA forums -