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ROG/TUF 2021 or older who somehow constantly getting BSOD/freezes, read this

Level 7

My laptop :

TUF A15 FX506II 1650Ti (2021)

SSD (86% Health)


(TL;DR at the end)

Some story that might be the same with your case :

i've been getting BSOD/freeze and forced restart since armoury crate updated automatically, and it happened for 3 months and it's always half an hour before the usual bsod. I thought there was something wrong with my laptop so i brought it to the laptop specialist to clean double RAM, clean underfan dust, and replace thermal paste to entire heatsink, but the bsod was still there. 

When i told him i was still getting bsod, he suggested me to replace SSD, as 86% health is concerning to him. I was so hesitant to do it as this laptop doesn't have double SSD channel so if it wasn't SSD fault, i wasted the money for nothing.

A week later i was still searching what issue caused it and i almost didn't find the answer, until i stumbled upon this forum. Someone was talking about g-helper to help him custom his fan speed using that app, and idk why i'm intrigued to try it too or maybe i was too desperate to find the answer.

Then after i did some research on youtube about g-helper, you can actually do undervolting your gpu but try it little by little. i stopped at -1 CPU limit GPU Core Clock Limit to 2100 Mhz, Core Clock Offset to 100mhz, and Memory Offset to 0 Mhz. And voila, my laptop is no longer feel the need to BSOD every single time anymore.

I thank you forum guys that helped me solved this issue.

TL;DR : Constant BSOD can also be prevented by undervolting GPU. saved some money.


Level 7

disclaimer: make sure you do some research on g-helper and how it impacts your laptop. either way use this as a last resort as every models have different issues and profiles.

here's my g-helper setup incase anyone wants to see it: