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rog FX753VE put on 144hrz screen and get it off intel card?

Level 10
I have other brands of laptops all are able to be hooked up to a 144HRz screen and work so this is not my first pony ride on hooking up a laptop and getting it working on a 144HRz screen even my new mac book pro can do it no problem. With this ROG FX753VE no way can I get the screen settings off intel Graphics so what is the deal is this laptop is it a big wast of money I spent for a Kitchen PC? I cant stand a slow PC so I use this laptop for email and surfing but I should be able to set up / and hook it up to a the screen to work at 144HRZ as it has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Why the big brother lock down on the Intel Graphics in Nvidia control panel for the screen , I have the laptop screen off no use for it as I use a external keyboard , mouse and 144HRZ screen. And I want my screen at 144hrz not at 60HRz intel card gives. So how do I get it off intel and get it on the NVIDIA card so I can get the screen on 144HRz? I am hoping someone knows how to pull this off as so far I have not found a way with things I tried and google . If I cant get this laptop to work on a 144HRz screen then yes I see it as a big wast of money as its just locked down junk in my eyes. PS And yes in Nvidia control panel I set everything to High performance .

the specs
Processor: i7-7700HQ 2.8 GHz.
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.
Internal memory: 16 GB.

Bios 602 and did a bios update doh
passed 8hr test on Karhu RamTest
Set to Manual OC
Dram Frequency 4266MHz
Dram voltage 1.45v
CPU VCCIO Voltage 1.25v
CPU System Agent Voltage 1.29v
Dram timing control 17-18-18-38
Dram command rate set to 2N set dram current capability to 130%

Level 7
your usb type c port should support dp alt mode which should be wired directly to your nvidia card. get a usb type c to dp cable/converter.