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Reset bios admin password on GL553VW ROG laptop

Level 7
I setup administrator password for BIOS in laptop ROG GL553VW ,but I forgot what was that.

Now I can't reinstall OS, can not change BIOS change settings... etc.
I can access user BIOS only.

I tried :
* remove CMOS battery from motherboard ,wait for a minute (remove batteries , press power on button )
* Recovery special password, found at old thread : setting BIOS date to old date, then at password input press (Alt+r) for recovery password : (Alt+r) not bring up recovery password input.
* Hiren boot CD, DOS BIOS utils.

Nothing works.

Anybody have idea what to do ?

Unfortunately we don't have any way of verifying that you are the legitimate owner of this machine on a forum like this. So it wouldn't be ethical for someone to try to help break into a machine we can't confirm isn't stolen. I would try contacting ASUS support. I'm not sure if they have a protocol for this but presumably they would be able to get in with a current backdoor password.
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You're a moderater on a message board not a cop, if you cant help the guy don't waste his or your time with a bull$hit response. SMH

Level 8

Did you happen to ever find a solution to this issue? I am currently having the same problem