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Replaced one M.2 module and second M.2 is not recognized

Level 7

I bought my notebook last year, when I was still resident in Taipei.

ASUS TUF GAMING F15 with 64 GB RAM and 2x 2TB M.2 SSD.

Windows 10 was installed on the first M.2 and the second M.2 was prepared for Ubuntu

I moved to Vienna, Austria and had a hardware failure. I had to send the machine TWICE to Czech Republic for Warranty repair. The hardware was fixed, but they refuse to set up the two M.2  as it was. They combined it to ONE large drive of 4TB. With this I could not install Ubuntu anymore.

  • I have made an image backup of Windows 11 (upgrade did work fine) and used a Flash drive as boot device.
  • I removed both M.2 SSDs and inserted a new 4TB M.2 SSD at the labeld MAIN SSD slot. 
  • I restored Windows 11 from the Flash drive (from my external harddisk it did not install)
  • After restored Windows 11 I used restore from my harddisk to get the latest full backup

So far it seemed ok. 

  • Next I inserted the second M.2 (2TB) and the machine does not recognize it
  • I tried to use diskpart and list disk, but it shows only the 4TB M.2 SSD
  • During boot I also see short the info:
    abnormal status reported by Rapid Storage Technology UEFI driver.

BTW, the BIOS version is 315

The BIOS shows Storage:
Device Type: NVMe
Model Name: Intel ASUS_OS

How can I fix this machine finally.

PS: I will never buy an ASUS machine again to use in Europe!!!


Level 12

 Since fast boot skips some BIOS checks and tests, it may not detect some hardware changes or updates, such as new drives, cards, or peripherals. This can lead to errors, conflicts, or missing drivers. Fast boot may also interfere with some encryption, security, or backup software that require full access to the system during the boot process. Fast boot can also make it harder to access the BIOS settings or boot from other devices, such as a USB drive or a CD.

If necessary you could also try disabling fast startup in windows %20Options%20window%20should,%22Turn%20on%20fast%20startup%22.