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"AacAmbientLighting.exe" This error appears in the stability monitor every time the system starts.

Level 9

This appeared after the update "ASUS Windows Dynamic Lighting Plug-in". After reboot the error does not appear. Also, the "Default" window does not appear at startup. What is this and how to fix it? Laptop ASUS Tuf Gaming F15 RTX 3050 i5 11400H.Снимок экрана 2023-12-16 123622.png

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Does the problem persist? Can you check the event viewer?

I didn't update yet, to be safe in case the new one is another faulty one, but I checked event viewer and I didn't have any of the AacAmbientLighting.exe errors since the first one happened. ill update if something changes.

Try turning off your computer completely and turning it back on, you should get an error. If so, then disabling fast startup helped me and now there are no more errors.

I've read that this is how some of the people in this post got it, that isn't my case though, I just got it randomly while browsing on chrome while listening to music. At first the music tab crashed (the "aw snap" error) and then the screen started flickering and went into what I assume was some kind of safe mode because some display settings that i had (color tones and such) reverted to default and I got the AacAmbientLighting.exe error. Restarting the graphics drivers (win+ctrl+shift+b) fixed it for a moment, and then it fell back to the default display settings while windows slows down and glitches hard.

After I restarted that time it was fine (and still is), if itll happen again ill try your method.

I had an error in Chrome "Out of Memory" and the wallpaper disappeared, and in the stability monitor there was an error "AacAmbientLighting.exe".

But after disabling fast startup everything became normal.

nope, AacAmbientLighting.exe error keeps coming 0_o 

Level 8

Another problem, another headache, the windows start crashing and poping many error windows, after doing all of these steps, the problem keeps showing randomly but daily

Level 8

Asus team reading our messages? They not replied anything as far as I can see... It just impossible to play games, I'm restarting my laptop every 15-20 minutes, and every 30 minutes if I'm lucky. Please fix this AacAmbientLighting error!!!

Level 8

it just happened again, pretty much the same as yesterday, but this time it crashed android studio as well (i'm glad i saved the project moments before). just disabled fast startup and started the system again, ill update if something changes.