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"AacAmbientLighting.exe" This error appears in the stability monitor every time the system starts.

Level 9

This appeared after the update "ASUS Windows Dynamic Lighting Plug-in". After reboot the error does not appear. Also, the "Default" window does not appear at startup. What is this and how to fix it? Laptop ASUS Tuf Gaming F15 RTX 3050 i5 11400H.Снимок экрана 2023-12-16 123622.png

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Level 7

****** it !! Finally I got some relief. I thought my GPU drivers are gone because screen flicker was so bad and it is happening randomly. Thank god it's not only me... I guess I have to uninstall AC until the fix arrives.Screenshot 2023-12-26 221101.png

Oh I'm SO glad to have found this thread, I thought my new ish laptop started failing, but no, armory was the culprit all along. I've uninstalled it completely until there is a fix, it keeps crashing my laptop in the middle of something as simple as moving a file.

Level 7

I thought I saw that there is an update available from Armory, has this been fixed?

Level 7

Yeh, in one 1 week I managed to get 13K errors thanks to it. It's consuming my memory and forcing other applications to crash for running out of memory. What a delightful xmas present just because someone wanted to force some gimmick "xmas" lights setup, which, mind you, gets installed as an "Update", that is by default "On", and clearly not properly tested

It got so bad, that the stupid virtual background with the xmas lights and the toggle to my make my RGB go all xmas-epilepsy-inducing, decided to appear out of the blue without my consent, forces itself as the foreground window, preventing me from accessing ANY other window.
Does not matter if you are working, calling your family on skype, streaming to thousands of people, or trying to google for nearest pharmacy, F you & wanting to use your computer. Just look at the gimmick we though would be funny, and had a couple of interns trying to set it up in a rush for xmas! LOOK AT IT!!! NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!

It is irresponsible, and shows a lack of engineering maturity to try to mix the software people use to control their Fans, CPU Voltage, Water Pumps, etc, with useless, unreliable crappy software that some product manager thought it would be funny. Move that product manager to something else, it should not be allowed to touch anything in Armoury Crate. That person has undermine the trust in the hardware that has always served me reliably well, because he/she decided to inject garbage to the software used to manage it.

Mistakes happen, bugs happen, I know, but I also know a sense of responsibility and adequate software engineering practices, and extra quality controls in critical software is a MUST and unforgiving rule for anyone willing to receive a paycheck in this industry.

Absolutely pathetic that a rollback has not been issued, specially during the holidays where people will be spending most time with the hardware they bought from Asus.



then i will not waste my time.

Learn, Play Enjoy! We help and collaborate, NOT complain!

Level 7

The "AacAmbientLighting.exe" error caused the performance of World of Warcraft to drop, modifying the memory capacity and forcing the virtual memory to increase. This caused the game to crash on more than one occasion, including restarting and deleting crash logs. errors in the game so that I could safely play until the next crash.

The desperation of not being able to play made me use the system restore partition, setting the game days before updating Armory Create and especially the "ASUS Windows Dynamic Lighting Plug-in".

Currently the machine works well for me, without crash and using the version of the "ASUS Windows Dynamic Lighting Plug-in" in

Moving the machine back to a point could be a solution. The other thing is that after I reinstalled Armory Create and went back days before the systematic failure for a few hours I saw the update to "ASUS Windows Dynamic Lighting Plug-in" available, now it is not. Did they remove it to prevent more people from being affected? Captura de pantalla 2023-12-27 165215.png

Level 7

pense que era el unico al que le ocurria pero al parecer esto no es nuevo me pasa muy seguido y por lo que veo no hay solucion 😞


Try returning to a point in Windows before installing the update so far it works fine for me.

Level 7

I unistalled the app cause the glitch or whatever this is got to me, when can i reinstall it?


I would re-install it once its fixed, but i've heard that you can install it and just go to the update before this one.