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"AacAmbientLighting.exe" This error appears in the stability monitor every time the system starts.

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This appeared after the update "ASUS Windows Dynamic Lighting Plug-in". After reboot the error does not appear. Also, the "Default" window does not appear at startup. What is this and how to fix it? Laptop ASUS Tuf Gaming F15 RTX 3050 i5 11400H.Снимок экрана 2023-12-16 123622.png


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The update is out, the topic is closed!

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Yooo this happened to me as well, latest dog ******e Armoury update ruined my laptop, can't even do anything, hopefully they solve this problem, unprofessional! 

how to get rid of this issue



Go into search and search up armory crate and then uninstall it. It works

Hey bro ...  Can you say how to fix  Aac ambientLighting.exe - Application error and  out of memory error .. I tried lot but I'm still struggling with this errors... And it's my request to answer me I need solution bro 


You just go in and uninstall armory crate and that should fix the issue

Why I should uninstall ??. And how to fix out memory error in valorant game 

Try returning to a point in Windows before installing the update, so far it works fine when I made that change. It is true that this update affects heavy games, in my case World of Warcraft.

Hi, when do you think ill be able to reinstall it? or if im ever gonna be 

uninstall and reinstall the armoury crate from asus website and dont update the AC so it remain in old stable version i have done the same i am not getting errors now

may be it work for u.