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"AacAmbientLighting.exe" This error appears in the stability monitor every time the system starts.

Level 9

This appeared after the update "ASUS Windows Dynamic Lighting Plug-in". After reboot the error does not appear. Also, the "Default" window does not appear at startup. What is this and how to fix it? Laptop ASUS Tuf Gaming F15 RTX 3050 i5 11400H.Снимок экрана 2023-12-16 123622.png

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Thank u dude, my problem is solved. Issue Error: "AacAmbientLighting.exe"

My stuff: ROG STRIX G513QY

Thank you for that!  😊
I've been having fits over my newest Steam games refusing to run because of running out of virtual memory, which is BS because everything was working just fine before ASUS poisoned my system with their substandard software. 

I don't know what happened to ASUS' software dev. team, but their track record has been steadily going downhill.

Have a Good One! 😎

i'm having the same issue and am trying to do this but i'm not see the AacAmbientLighting.exe file on the .dll one. Is it the one that says application?Screenshot 2024-01-05 145720.png

Level 7

I just bought a computer and updated all windows and apps, them got this error. I'm disappointed with this.

Level 12

GHelper lowers the performance of the PL2 to 150 W in manual mode and does so permanently. Shutting down GH and restarting does not restore the previous state (!).

Level 7

Is there any fix yet, without uninstalling armoury  crate? This issue came up suddenly. Everything freezes and had to force shutdown the laptop. Please share if you got a valid fix for the issue.

Asus strix scar 15 2022.

Level 7

Same problem since the last update 😤

Freezes and crashs.

Level 7

What helped for me was disabling the Festival Effects in AuraSync:


Good luck 😊


Yes - the load on the processor is reduced, but the error message and service stop remains))

Level 8

Got the same as well, playing MS Flight Simulator at that moment, and crash with nVidia driver to void.
All applications quit with 800x600 resolution, need a restart.