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Question about FX507ZM CPU throttling/audio production

Level 7
Hi, all. Got a new TUF 15 FX507ZM. Been running great, except for one problem.

I use my PC for audio production as well as gaming, and I have used gaming laptops for audio in the past.

When I started using my DAW program, I'd notice a lot of droputs and clicks (using it with a Focusrite interface). I had to really up the bufffer size, to the point where latency is a problem. I'd never had this problem with any of my other laptops.

After some diagnostics from Focusrite, they told me that it seems to be caused by CPU throttling, and that I should go into the BIOS and turn it off.

Should this cause me any problems when I'm gaming? Is the CPU overclocking and that's why it's throttling?

In Armory crate, it's set up so the GPU is at "Performance" and the general setting (which I'm guessing is for the CPU) is "Windows".

I apologize for my lack of knowledge here, but if anyone can help me sort this out, it'd be much appreciated. If you need more info, let me know. Thanks.

Level 11

Your best chance is putting it on turbo mode in Armoury Crate.  If that doesn't help there is nothing you can do.  It seems ASUS puts extremely low CPU limits in place in the BIOS.