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ProArt Studiobook Pro 15 W500 overheating

Level 7

I have this ASUS ProArt Studiobook Pro 15 W500, model W500G5T. And it's overheating from me just opening a web browser.

I'm using Firefox, so when I turn it on and open up FF the fan starts going nuts in less than a minute. I have maybe 15 tabs open now. Nothing major. And if I go to YouTube and start watching video it just goes nuts. The top of the keyboard get really hot to the touch.

I know that there could be some rough app taking up CPU resources, so I watch that. Here's the performance info from the Task Manager. As you can see there's not much there:


I also went to this page and updated all the drivers.

The issue didn't go away.

As expected, this laptop is out of warranty now. So any suggestions what shall I do to stop it from overheating?


Here's a last stab. I can't recall whether the fan showed in the BIOS of our W500 or the W700.

Maybe it's possible to set the fan speed profile somewhere in the BIOS?


Level 7

Oh wow. thanks. This isn't an easy fix, that requires some careful work of removing the heat sink. I found this video that kinda shows it:

I opened the case but I didn't have small tools to continue. So I need to order those first. Otherwise, yeah, what a lousy design. In my case I think the thermal paste had either dried up, or wasn't applied properly. So I will need to reapply it. My main concern is removing the gaffers tape and other small connectors. Those are tiny.

Also I'm wondering, when you set the fan to run at full speed, doesn't it make it run really loud?

In my case I reinstalled Windows and removed all the crapware that was pre-installed, so I don't have that ProArt Creator Hub anymore.

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Ya, the fans do get noisy-ish at full speed, but something I'll live with until I replace this "laptop" - in the mean time, just get a good BT speaker and let her crank!!!

As for removing the heatsinks & fan, it's only the two fan connectors that need to come off. The tape can stay on, IIRC, as you'll access the fans to clean them on the other side. Clean off the old thermal paste with a little alcohol and you're good to clean the fans and reinstall it. I ended up going with a generic thermal paste, because I end up having to pull the heatsinks & fans every 2 - 3 months anyhow 😮

I also did a full reinstall of a clean Win11 on a new SSD as well, but I did need to add ProArt Creator Hub on it, in order to have the speed control over the fans. I couldn't find a single 3rd party fan control software that let me control the fan speed.

YMMV, good luck!

Level 8

I forgot to mention, the battery & also the LCD connector needs to be removed - but these are not so finicky.

One note, be careful not to let the LDC cable get pinched (I did this and nothing showed on the display until it was corrected, thankfully no damage to the cable).


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just in case, try this curve fun controll for asus laptops:

Level 7

Thanks. I am trying to avoid revving up the fan too much. I'm not using this laptop for gaming, so any extra noise that's coming from it is annoying. And right now it starts overheating from me opening a single YouTube page.

I tried to open this laptop once, and even removed the back cover. Unfortunately though, this is as far as I could take it. I had to buy some small screwdrivers, thermal paste, etc. Something that an average user will not have in his house. Plus, removing all the tiny connectors once you open the case is not the easiest job like @MadDogDean made it sound to be. But I will get to it at some point.

For now my guess is that the cause for this overheating is a lousy design of the heatsink or maybe a crappy thermal paste that they applied to it. My guess is that mine totally dried up and came off, which leads to the GPU not getting any extra cooling surface at all.

I agree it sounds daunting, but rest assured, do it once and it's ok.

From experience with the Studiobooks (we have 2), the thermal paste seems ok, it is the clogging of the fans that is the problem.

Two alternatives.
1. You could pull the gaffing tape off the exposed side and blast a few times with a can of compressed air. Blast it from the outside of the case towards the inside (reverse of how the fan actually blows it)
2. Bring it to a local computer shop and ask them to replace the thermal paste. I'm guessing a $40 job as most places can have it in and out within 15 - 20 minutes.