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Please help with Touchpad issues (Asus FX505GD)

Level 7
Hello there,

I hope you can help me with this problem.

I just bought an ASUS FX505GD notebook and I have problemswith the touchpad. Sometimes an area stops responding for a few seconds, anduntil I lift and put my finger several times it does not return to normal. Thisoccurs intermittently and is very annoying. Also, when in that state, falsepulsations occur as well.
I put here a video where the problem is reproduced.

So far I have tried all this, but the problem persists exactly the same:

1.- Restore windows 10 home 1803 to factory settings.
2.- Upgrade to windows 10 home 1809.
3.- Contact with Asus support and they give me instructions to install windows 10 home 1903 clean, formatting pc.
4.- Update all the drivers of the Asus support page.
5.- Update to the latest BIOS version "FX505GD BIOS 305".
6.- Uninstall touch panel drivers and let windows take it by default.
7.- Uninstall touch panel drivers and choose a generic windows by hand.
8.- Install "Asus Smart Gesture" and "ATK Package".
9.- Disable "FastBoot" in BIOS, and "Quick Start" in power options. Reinstall Touchpad drivers.
10.- Use the "Windows 10" commands:
- sfc.exe / scannow
- DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Scanhealth
- DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth
11.- Use the touchpad by placing the laptop in different locations. Use with charger and battery.

Finally I contact ASUS support again, and they tell me to send the notebook to the technical center (it is very problematic for me to do this).

In the store where I bought it, they let me try another exact laptop unit of mine, and after 15-20 minutes the problem was reproducing ... how is it possible? ... Is it a design problem, or software?

Can someone help me ... I want to try all the possible options before sending the technical service.

Thanks and regards