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New drivers use more power, more aggressive A15 fan curve request

Level 10
I almost hate myself for asking for this yet again.

With all the Windows 11 rubbish going on I have stayed with 10 as I don't wish to have my performance nerfed 20% on the Ryzen platform.
Though with recent updates and AMD's latest drivers I'm finding the 5800H in the FA506QR is really thirsty for power now.
When I was doing thermal testing before in games it was pretty economical and pulled about 17w even in turbo. After the updates I found it is now pulling up to 50w on the same game and performance settings. Which has made temps randomly jump too, with no increase to performance really.

I know for some reason fools complain if their fans actually make noise but my laptop even at 81c doesn't make the fans go above 3500rpm. I read of previous A15's going up to 5k rpm in those temp ranges. I don't need to comment on the short comings of those models or this one as it has been documented.

PLEASE, now more than ever can we have a more aggressive fan curve on the Turbo mode? Performance mode too if possible.

A little while back after a MyASUS update it allowed for the testing of the fans, albeit only the once for some reason. But anyway, it ramped each fan pretty quickly through phases all the way to 100% and even at 80c we barely get 50% fan speed? C'mon now. Your testing feature in MyASUS actually controlled the fans briefly yet I can't? Hell if you add an option to just 100% the fans in AC or something it would be a help. I know the AMD drivers aren't down to you, but the fan speed is. If they make the chip use more juice and make more heat you need to do something to protect the machines. You made many BIOS revisions in the first months of the A15's life yet, have ignored quality of life requests frequently. I am also aware that one such BIOS update near the start was to adjust fan curves, so you can do it you're just choosing not to.

Level 10
Isn't is lovely that once again, quality of life requests get ignored.
Hardly a massive ask for the adjustment of fan curves but I'm hazarding a guess that since this model is pretty much discontinued you care not for the people stuck with your attempts.