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N551VW - The battery light blink Green/Orange

Level 7
Hi ! Some days ago, a strange issue appeared : When the battery is fully charged, the battery light is blinking Green/Orange , During the day when i use laptop its ok and in night i shut down laptop , When I wake up in the morning the battery light is blinking Green/Orange . Usually When I unplug the computer, and then plug it again, the light stays green. but Usually it dont work , and must Separate the battery and Plug in to stays green , And now I'm writing this , the battery blinking green 😄

the battery icon on taskbar pop-up : (96% availabe, plugged in, Charging)

i buy this laptop two years ago And maybe I've only used battrey for less than 24 hours
whats wrong with that ?! 😉

i use win 10 pro with lastest update