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Low fps in video games pls help :( ASUS TUF A16 2024

Level 7

Hello, my name is Alex and i have some troubles with my new laptop.

Few weeks ago i bought my fist gaming laptop Asus TUF A16 FA607PV, with nvidia rtx 4060 and amd ryzen 9 7845HX and i installed windows 11 on it. The laptop is really nice but it seems it perform very poor in my favorite video games, Battlefield V and Warthunder, i have 100fps that are very unstable on very low  graphics on both games...Is this normal? I understand that this laptop has just been released, so its very new but still...

It might be my fault, but i installed the most recent drivers from nvidia and amd websites, i installed asus armory crate, i am using my laptop in turbo mode, i went into setting and i set the laptop to use the discrete gpu only, power plan is set to maximum there something i miss? Maybe i need to overclock or underclock the gpu and the cpu? 

Any help would be highly appreciated. 🙂

Edit: an recent update for Armoury Crate improved framerate stability in BF 5, so now I can play on high graphics without heavy drop frames(Game runs smooth on 100fps). I might be crazy tho...