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It's about time you used Conductonaut on the TUF models too.

Level 10
Watching another Jarrod's Tech vid about the new A16 With the Zen3+ CPU and the 7600S GPU, performance is OK for what it is I know it isn't available for a little while yet but one thing that is massively off putting to any potential buyer is the fact it thermal throttles on both the CPU and GPU under sustained load.

I mean honestly even if this is your "budger" gaming laptop, it should be very hard for it to thermal throttle using it's full performance IMO. I believe it even did it with a cooling pad too. That just ain't good enough. I'd love to actually test some of these myself in every day tasks and general gaming but I'm no reviewer. Still, a 120w max machine and it thermal throttles, wasted performance as per. Still no options to tune the RAM in the BIOS either. C'mon man... really?