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Issue related GPU

Level 7

I bought a new asus tuf gaming f15on 4th April 2023.but now the issue is GPU on standard mode continuously consuming GPU.and when I try to put gpu on eco mode it's not going to eco coming back to standard mode and giving message like " some apps are still consuming GPU turn them off to save power" but these apps are not stoping continuously it's consuming GPU.lot of time I reset the system.but again and again getting same problem.does anyone know how to fix it.please help me with these.


Level 11

If you play around with Armoury Crate, I know there is menu somewhere that tells you what apps are using the discrete GPU.  From there you could go into Windows settings and set the preferred GPU to the iGPU for those apps.

This worked for me after weeks of searching. I went into Nvidia control panel to show GPU activity for apps in notification area, and saw that a camera app was being used. Ended that task in Task Manager and now I can use eco mode. Thank you!