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Is microstutters on my laptop (Asus vivobook pro 15 oled) harmful?

Level 7

I just bought new ASUS Vivobook pro 15 OLED laptop and i noticed that annoying microstuttering like 3-4 times in a day, lasts roughly 1-2 seconds. It doesn't matter if i playing game or just watching some youtube videos or simply being on the windows, it's just happens cassualy.

tied some differents solutions:

Reinstalling windows

updating all my drivers

Testing SSD

but problem still exist.

The service center told me that they need 7-10 days at minimum to "took a look what the problem is (or if it is)", i'm working and i need my laptop for 24/7.

Please, if there is some solution to my problem or any kind of advice would be much appreciated


Level 12

In this video it is mentioned that upgrading the display adapters easily resolves stuttering in any game on any PC (Windows 7,8,10 and Windows 11) and also increases FPS.

In case you have already done this, then take a look at this other video