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How to Stop Battery from Staying at 99% on FX507ZM?

Level 11

So recently I figured out that if the battery is at less than 100%, the CPU in my ASUS TUF F15 2022 throttles from 45 W down to 25 W.  Now I know that ASUS laptops will stay between 95%-99% to preserve the battery.  However, after about 15 minutes of playing at 100%, the battery drops down to 99% and my FPS decreases significantly (due to CPU throttling).  Has anyone found a way to circumvent this "battery protection" and make it charge back up to 100% immediately?  I used to use a charge limiter at 60%, and when the battery dropped to 59%, it would charge back up to 60% within seconds.  Or maybe ASUS could fix their BIOS so that the CPU isn't throttled if the laptop is plugged in and at 95% or greater power.


Level 11

Unfortunately this doesn't work, the issue is Relative State of Charge which makes the battery charge very slowly when it is at 95-100%.  Quick update, I also tried changing IMON slope to trick the embedded controller into supplying more power, but somehow the laptop still throttles the CPU to 25 W (even though the EC is being told the actual power draw is ~14 W).  I going to look through the BIOS and see if I can find any other variables that might be able to fix this throttling when at 99% or less.

Level 14

Rapid charging from 99% to 100% is dangerous for lithium batteries, compared to a rapid charge from 59% to 60%.  The battery chemistry can accept much faster energy input around 59% compared to 99%.  Do not attempt to circumvent any battery protection measures, as that can lead to catastrophic battery failure.

If anything needs adjustment, it's the CPU throttling when the battery is at 99%.  The battery charge current should be very low at that point, so there should be no need to significantly throttle anything else when connected to a properly rated external power source.

Thanks for responding, I would only have resulted to that as a last resort as I know the firmware knows what's good for the battery.  If you know any way to stop the CPU throttling when at <100%, please let me know.  I'm currently looking through EFI variables for the CPU to see if anything stands out as a possible fix, but I haven't found anything yet.

Level 8

hi Raibex87 unfortunately I don't have the answer to your problem but I am looking to buy the laptop you described having issues with is this problem something specific to your laptop or will I encounter the same problem if I purchase the same model or have you found a solution. thanks.

This is something specific to my model.  I would strongly recommend against buying it.  From what I've heard no other TUF laptops have this issue, just don't get FX507ZM.  I am looking for a solution (and have been for about three months at this point), however, it would require BIOS modification to solve, which is not something your average user should be doing.

If you are comfortable with BIOS modification, I will be reporting back here if I find anything that would fix the issue, in which case you could buy the laptop (because other than this issue, it's a great laptop).

Level 8

Thank you for the fast reply and probably saving me a whole lot of money it didn't look right to me in the first place how a laptop with a i7-12700h and a 3060 would go for such a low price. I might have found a forum thread that could be useful to you yesterday but I am not nearly smart enough to understand everything they are talking about maybe you could check it out,

Like I said, this is not a horrible laptop.  What's the price you see for it?  What happens is that the CPU is limited to 25 W when gaming, which gives you more like 3050 Ti performance instead of 3060.  I would still recommend it if you have a really good deal on it, just be warned that you would get better gaming performance by going with pretty much any other 3060 laptop unless you're playing very GPU heavy games like Control or Cyberpunk.

Also, I'm XyKER1 on Github, so I have already read all the posts in that thread! Unfortunately, no one (including me) has been able to find a fix for this.  ASUS has shown themselves to be totally against what we're talking about in that thread, because they released a BIOS update a week ago that, instead of fixing the issue, just disables unlocking the BIOS like I was able to do before and prevents you from downgrading with Winflash.  Luckily I was able to find another way to revert it, but don't expect ASUS to ever fix this bug.

I found a laptop with the same model it has a i7-12700h 3060 16gb of ram only half a tb of ssd storage weirdly and its going for around 900 euros. Could you also provide a bit more information on what the cpu and gpu would be comparable to under these lower watts or how i can look this up? Thanks.