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Help, this is annoying and WEIRD! TUF F17 FA706IU random BSOD or freeze when is not overloaded!

Level 7

I have TUF F17 - FA706IU for about two years. For over a year I have this WEIRD problems:

When is overloaded - eg.: in game, or any Adobe high GPU programs it WORKS FINE, but annoying thing is high fan RPM and it's noisy!

When is in normal use - eg.: typing in notepad, searching internet, writing emails, watching YouTube... I get random BSOD (after minute, five, thirty, it's random) and it restarts.

Linux (any distro): it's just random, even while I'm typing this forum post I don't know when it will happen this:
GREEN screen or it just get frozen, and that's it. It's more common when I watch videos or loaded more than 10/15 tabs in browsers.

I TRIED: different OS, disconecting any peripheral which can be disconected (Wireless card, switched RAM, speakers, SSD, monitor, additional USB port, battery, tried another charger, disconecting keyboard - just after power on button clicking, cleaning MB in 99% alcohol...)

Literally I tried everything, or maybe not? 

ANY ADVICE or similar problem?


Level 12

you could try to pinpoint the cause, using a minidump file