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HDD making Loud Spinning Noise

Level 9


I have an Asus X571GT laptop.

Two days ago, I start my day waking my laptop from sleep/hibernate mode, and go shower.
I come back from the shower and I hear my HDD making a LOUD WHIRLING noise. Coming from the bottom right of the laptop. (Picture attached)
As of the fan is going into overdrive. That kinda sound.

I quickly close everything and put my laptop back into sleep/hibernate mode. I turn it back on a few minutes later, and the noise is gone. I start using my computer and suddenly the HDD goes into overdrive again. Loud whirling noise. 
This time I shut everything down. Start > Shut down. Leave it alone for 20min, turn it back on. Back to normal.
Everything is fine.

For the past 2 days, it's sounds normal. However, when you're using it, if the room is quiet, you can hear a faint buzzing noise coming from the HDD area. Very faint. 
Today I took it to a computer shop for them to look at it. Explained what happened. They said they opened it up and couldn't find anything.
No news is better than good news, I'll take it.

4 hours later, I'm using my laptop and suddenly the HDD starts to whirl up again. Same Loud whirling noise. I immediately close everything and shut it down.

Anybody have any idea what could be the issue?


Level 11

if you have important data on your hard drive, the first thing you should do is a backup, because it might break and you might lose everything.

In my experience, even backups are not always reliable, so you should make 2 backups with two different software.

Then mount the image and compare them for example with bayound compare, if they are identical you can delete one of the two backups.

Next you can read here

Yes, but how do I diagnose the problem? 
I'm not even 100% that the issue is the HDD

Level 11

consider that if the HD is breaking down, the more you spin it up, the greater the risk of losing all the data.
So the important thing to do is to run a backup first.

Then, if the HD has nothing to do with the noise, delete the backup.
In fact, it is better to keep it anyway for any other emergency.


Yes but....but how do I diagnose the ACTUAL problem? (ie, where the sound is actually coming from?)
Again, I'm not even 100% that the issue is the HDD

Is there a program that I can run to check if anything on my computer is running abnormally?
I've checked the stats when I hear the whirling noise, plus done a Chkdsk and both show that the HDD is running fine. No errors

I sent you a software trial, with which you can test the condition of your HDD.

It would be wise, though, to make a backup first, because if the noise is coming from the HDD and it is about to break, and where you have important data, even "hd sentinel" tests could make it worse and also create the disaster.

In addition there are other diagnostic software
for example: