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GPU & CPU fans not spinning

Level 7

Hi, I just updated my BIOS. I found a problem with the charging issue; when I plugged in my charger, the laptop was detected as in sleep mode (indicated by the keyboard light turning on as sleep mode), resulting in the GPU and CPU fans not spinning, and several times my laptop shut down suddenly due to overheating. Is there any solution for this problem? Or should I wait for the next update?

Thank you.Screenshot 2023-06-04 00225.png


Level 8

I'm experiencing the same problem with Asus TUF F15

Level 10

You can try reverting your BIOS.  Download the old BIOS .exe file and click extract.  Then download WinFlash but do not open it.  Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\Winflash\.  Right click on Winflash.exe and click copy path.  Open command prompt as administrator.  Paste the path in and add the following to the end (everything inside quotations): " /nodate".  Click enter.  Then select the largest file from where you extracted the BIOS to earlier and Winflash will revert your BIOS.