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Goofy FPS drops with my ASUS Laptop

Level 7

Quick Specs:

ASUS ProDuo Zenbook
Intel i9-10980HK CPU 16 2.40GHz Processors, 3096 Mhz, 8 Cores
32 GB Installed RAM (31.8 Usable)
64-bit OS, x64-based Processor
3840 x 2160 Display Res
59 Hz Refresh Rate
GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU
952 GB Storage
758 GB Free
Has jv16 Powertools App

I don't know when this exactly started but, when I play any kind of game whether it be Simcity, Roblox, World of Warships, Cities Skylines, etc.. I tend to get FPS drops about 3 minutes into gameplay. It starts with a smooth 60-120 FPS, but then drops to 20-40 FPS. Though when I play Roblox I'm stuck at 40 FPS no matter what, but that's a different topic. Whenever available I usually have Triple-Buffering enabled when I have VSync on, I noticed that it helps most of the time but only for a temporary moment. I also have my PhysX cranked to a relatively high setting, but it didn't seem to have any legitimate effect on any of the games I play. I looked at other Forum posts, but not a lot of them have the same laptop as mine so I'm unsure of what to do. Any help is appreciated!


Level 12