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FX705 - speakers replacement?

Level 8

Hello there.
I own an ASUS FX705 laptop and I was wondering if anyone ever tried to replace the original speakers with some others and succeeded? The laptop is great overall despite the crappy touchpad (which I don't mind because I always use a wireless mouse) and the built-in speakers. The sound they offer is not bad, but they lack in bass big time. I have also old Lenovo laptop with DOLBY mark JBL speakers inside and they sound much more louder and fuller. I wish I could replace the speaker in my ASUS laptop with some similar ones but I have no idea is it even possible to find speakers that would fit the case and offer better sound.


Level 11

this link shows the different models of your laptop
and they say they sell better quality speakers.
I don't know them but you could contact them to see if they can solve your problem.

However, it may also be that one of your speakers is not well connected or broken. If the pc is not under warranty you can open it up and take a look at it




Thanks for your reply. My speakers are in perfect condition, I own this laptop since new. I was always unhappy with sound it offers. I searched the store and they have only one model of speakers fo FX705GE and those look exactly the same as mine. Anyway I will contact them to find out if they can offer something better.

Level 8

Unfortunately they didn't help me at all. I've been given a link to the speakers that I already have in my laptop and I've been told that those are the only compatible speakers.

Level 11

you should have asked them if they know of better quality speakers that are adaptable to your pc.

If they don't exist, you have no choice but to use headphones
or external speakers