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FX553VD keyboard firmware [needed]

Level 8

Hello, i hope i'm posting in the right section. 

I have an Asus FX553VD-DM029T, basically it's the same as a GL553VD but with a red only keyboard. Quite some time ago the keyboard stopped working, only the power button worked while the backlight stayed on even when the pc was off. I managed to fix it a year or so ago by taking a chance and flashing the keyboard firmware off a GL502 with the "KeyboardAdjustmentTool" found in this forum (the layout is almost identical); this worked fine but the num lock button has become a "ROG gaming center" button and caps lock turns off the backlight in my display (even with an external keyboard), which is slightly annoying (but also quite funny).

So, the question is...does anyone have a backup or can dump the keyboard firmware "NK.bin" off a FX553VD laptop and upload it somewhere? And thanks in advance to anyone who will answer.


Level 12

It will be difficult for someone with the same pc to answer you
you might want to contact asus tech support directly
at this page at the bottom left

yeah, i know it might be really hard to find someone with this exact model which i think was less popular compared to something like the gl553vd. I contacted support in the past (the italian one, by the way) but they all told me to bring it in for repair, which i'd like to avoid as i don't have a spare laptop and because the issue would be easily solved with the software i already used, but with the correct firmware. Maybe i'll try with the international support. 

Thank you!

Level 12

If you are looking for the keyboard firmware "NK.bin," they might give it to you.

I ended up contacting Asus assistance through the US livechat, but sadly they told me there's no keyboard firmware available for the laptop. I tried reflashing / restoring the BIOS to defaults as suggested by the operator (as i hadn't tried it before) but this didn't make a difference, as i suspected. 

This is a German site that many people use to find original esupport folders: 

download the ISO; mount and compare your esupport folder, maybe you can find something.


also take a look here

Thank you for the links! I checked in the eSupport for GL553VD but there is no sign of keyboard firmwares anywhere, just drivers for miscellaneous things. As for vinafix, they might have the files (i've seen some files with the same size as the NK.bin file i flashed but i am unsure if they're correct), but the website registration is paid...but it might be the only option if nobody else has it.

Level 12

I have run out of cartridges
However, the last forum is specifically for troubleshooting this type of problem, where there are technicians working on it who rightly cannot do it for free.

If I were in your place, I would first take a look at all the sections at the bottom of this link

Then if there's $4 or $10 to pay, it's not a large amount of money, even if it were to be lost
because just shipping a PC for repair costs more.