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FX553VD BIOS issue

Level 7
Hi all,

I have an FX553VD-DM483 laptop and am facing certain issues after BIOS update. The product label lists it as FX553VD-DM483 (FX553V).

All the drivers and BIOS files I can find for this laptop are labeled GL553.
The full story is as follows:

I bought and installed a Samsung 960 Evo 250GB NVMe drive, and installed windows 10 Pro x64 to it. The system was working fine, but then i noticed that it was using the integrated Intel graphics processor instead of the dedicated nVidia 1050.

When I went into BIOS i noticed that I was unable to access any of the advanced options for graphics control. The only option I had access to was the memory size.

So then I used the Winflash utility to upgrade the BIOS to version 304 (it came with 302).

Now the laptop will always and only boot into BIOS.

In BIOS itself, the NVME drive is detected but the option to set Boot Priority is grayed out and inaccessible, as is every other control option but the basic stuff.

Only Windows boot manager is listed in Basic mode,and only Fast Boot is accessible in advanced mode.

No matter what I try I am unable to change any settings or get the laptop to boot to Windows.

It will however automatically boot to a bootable Windows USB drive.

I have tried to repair Windows from the installation media but it says it cannot be repaired.

Please help me resolve this situation.

NB: I had previously accidentally installed Windows 10 Enterprise from USB on the laptop, and when I realised my mistake, I used another USB drive to install Windows 10 Pro.

Now the BIOS detects the UEFI boot partition on the W10 Enterprise USB and boots from it. It also detects the W10 Pro USB drive as a USB drive, but does not detect the UEFI partition on it or boot from that drive.*

Level 7
Welp, the issue's been fixed.

Idiot me just realized that after the BIOS update, the BIOS got reset to defaults and the default CSM state is DISABLED. Since my SSD was set up in legacy (MBR) mode, the BIOS could not recognise the boot partition and boot Windows from it.

Enabled CSM and the system booted fine.

Have now converted the SSD from MBR to GPT using Windows' own non-destructive mbr2gpt (available from build 1703) and disabled CSM in BIOS and am back up and running.

Excellent link for conversion with the mbr2gpt tool here:"]*How to convert a...

The process is very quick and painless.

Level 7
One more question:

Since the FX553VD and GL553VD BIOS and update files are the same, is it possible to update the FX553 BIOS (stops at 304) to the GL553 BIOS (latest is 306)?

And another:

I cannot adjust graphics configuration in BIOS to turn of the Intel graphics since the option is disabled. Any idea how to enable it? The problem is that the laptop is defaulting to the Intel accelerator and refusing to use the dedicated 1050 GPU.

All help welcome.*

Level 7
BIOS updated to version 306 from the GL553 page and all seems to be running fine.