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Fx516pm Second M.2 SSD Cooling

Level 7
Hello, my daugther have a Asus tuf dash f15 fx516pm and i want to add a second nvme drive to it.

So i got a 1 tb Kingston Nv1 gen 3 as of the laptop only supports gen 3 and this was cheap and heard its a good drive.

But i also want it to run cool so it dossent throttle.

I noticed that the one that laptop came with had a thermal pad underneath 3-5mm maybe think and one on top 1 mm.

but i can seem to find the original Asus thermal pads anywhere or anyone that has the one underneath and the one on top.

I hope you guys can help me here?

Thanks in advance 🙂

You don't need ASUS OEM thermal pads as long as you have the correct thickness. ASUS does not make its own thermal pads anyway.

If you need several thicknesses you can buy a variety pack or stack several thinner pads. Stacking isn't ideal but as long as you make sure the pads are clean and you don't have an air bubble between them the performance should be adequate.
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Level 11
If it doesn't have a cooler in the laptop, like a plate that the Legion laptops have, it can be beneficial to get a low profile M.2 heatsink.

I put a 970 Evo Plus in my A15 and it was getting pretty warm, I got a low profile aluminium heatsink, Gelid ultimate 1mm pad and a couple of long tiny tie wraps. The HS came with some rubber bands to hold it in place but every review said they failed in about 12months, which is why I used tie wraps. My SSD only had chips on the top side so I only needed cooling on the one side, it didn't come into contact with any other parts of the motherboard so it was safe. If it would touch the motherboard it would be worth using Kapton tape on the board where it may touch just to be sure there are no shorts. it has made a noticeable difference in ambient and working temps of the SSD so it is worth doing.