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FX507ZC4 Intel Iris Xe graphics problem

Level 7

Hello, I've Asus TUF gaming (FX507ZC4) i5 12500H intel iris xe & nividia rtx 3050. Whenever I let the drivers work on default settings, if I'm not heavily using the laptop, it stays on Intel Irix Xe. This graphice driver works well but it lags/freezes at the startup/booting, shutting down or waking up from sleep. Also the same thing happens when I click on wifi in the taskbar. The lag/freeze only lasts a second or two and then the laptop works absolutely fine after that, sometimes it happens here and there when I go to settings but again only a one second freeze. When I switch to nividia driver through nividia control panel, this issue isn't there anymore. I tried to contact Intel but they weren't really helpful. Also did a clean installation of Windows 11 again and used customized driver from Asus drivers website to rule out any issues result from uncustomized driver but again problem persists. Can someone help me please? Apart from that, the laptop is absolutely fine.


In the thread you posted, they recommended performing a clean installation of operating system which I did already but the problem is still there even after that.