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FX505DT - swapping wifi card - warranty issues?

Level 7

I realize that Asus permits installing a 2.5" SSD and/or memory on the TUF FX505DT, without voiding the warranty.

But, what about the wifi card? I'd like to remove the Realtek one that comes with this laptop for an Intel-based one. I could not find the answer on Asus' product page.

Level 9
Hello Supernaut1987,
Soft remind,
dismantling the device yourself will break the warranty.
Also, wifi card is on the motherboard, which is not able to be changed separately.
Please kindly bring the SSD and memory to our service center, and let us install it for you,
in this case, the warranty would not be broken.
Thank you.

I had the same question about upgrading the wifi card. i didnt know it was soldered on before I purchased it, luckily its 2x2 and pretty decent though, but the new wireless standard ax will be coming out soon - would an expert at laptop repair be able to unsolder the wifi card? i know the laptop will be way out of warranty by then. (gu502gv)