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FX504 Problem with Asus Touchpad Handwriting in Win10 but Works Fine in Win11

Level 7
I tried a fresh installation with both Win10(1809) and Win11(22H2), problem still the same.
Both only installed Asus Precision Drive and Touchpad Handwriting.
Win11 works just fine;
Win10 will have both intro pop-up. After clicking both "OK", the program just flies to the top edge of the screen, hiding.
1. But the touchpad is still being occupied by the program. Using the touchpad will only make the cursor stick to the top edge of the screen, where the program UI hides at.
2. No tray icon
3. Killing the process in taskmgr will release the touchpad and back to normal fuctionality

I know this program only has limited number of users, just asking if anyone experiences the same and happens to have a solution for that.