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FX503VM bricked during initial setup

Level 7
I recently bought an Asus FX503VM notebook. Now, as a disclaimer, this was intended to be my first real venture into PC gaming, as the computer I had before this was a kind of crappy cheap laptop I bought years ago for college. I did do some homework while shopping around, but that was mostly on comparing what was out there at my budget level, so if I sound pretty clueless, I apologize, the finer details are all still pretty uncharted territory to me.

When I got the new laptop out of the box, it seemed to start fine, but I noticed during Windows 10 setup that Cortana had a lot of crackling and popping going on, and figured I'd have to update the audio drivers or something. When it got to the desktop, I was immediately prompted to restart the computer for critical updates. One of those "if you don't do this we'll do it for you in a few minutes" kind of prompts if I recall correctly. I didn't think much of it, being the initial setup and all, so I let it go ahead and shut down. It got about 40% of the way through a BIOS update, and then just...didn't go any further. I actually let it sit like that for about 45 minutes, unsure how long it was supposed to take, but eventually, after checking online and not really finding anything helpful, I called Asus support and they had me turn it off. And it never turned back on again. The AC light and keyboard backlighting would come on, but nothing else would. It wouldn't even boot into safe mode, which the guy on the support line had me holding a key to attempt for a full ten minutes.

I chose to send it back through Newegg instead of Asus, figuring it was free shipping and less hassle on my part, and now I'm waiting on a replacement. My question now is, with the way this one died during an update rather than refusing to boot in the first place or something more obviously hardware-related, whether I can write this off as just a bad part, or whether it's something the replacement might be at risk for as well. From what I've read since, I know crashing during the BIOS update can brick it, but even then I have to wonder what caused it to crash. That's something I might expect from my old laptop, but I would hope not from one with these specs, fresh out of the box. It was only on for maybe ten minutes during the Windows setup before that update, so I didn't really get the chance to test it out much to see if there were any other noticeable problems beforehand besides the audio crackling. I know it's likely I'm being paranoid, but it's not exactly an encouraging start to my PC gaming career and I've got nothing better to do while I wait for the replacement, so I figured I'd try to investigate a bit. See what people who know a bit more than me think about it. Sorry I don't have more details from the computer itself, this kind of blindsided me.

Here's what I know for the support template, based on what the laptop was supposed to be, since I didn't get to really check it out much:

Bios version: Unsure

CPU: i5 7300HQ 2.5GHz

Memory amount in GB: 8GB

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

SSD/HDDs/Optical drives: 128GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD, no optical drive

AC Adapter: Original

Operating system: Original ASUS factory image or clean install? Microsoft Activated yes/no? Original factory image, no Microsoft

Drivers Installed (include version and especially any non-ASUS approved notebook drivers): Whatever was on it from the factory

Any third Party temp/voltage software installed: no

System Overclocked (provide details)? no

Any hardware upgraded? no


Level 8
Reading the first part of your post reminded me of myself, hell I skipped the whole Win 8/8.1 and had to jump into Win10 from Win7 2009 model crappy notebook … Anyways I can guess this would be your first real windows-10 platform/model and I wish I was there but since your getting your replacement

Let me say they all do that, All mobile's anyway some of the older 2015-2016 desktops as well, but when you get your new one, Don't Connecect To Internet, Microsoft made changes that now force critical updates no matter when, even during the initial setup manufactures put in place, for all company's...

Let your machine setup reboot/shutdown, make sure its working then connect to the internet , then let Microsoft do its worse. Sad Microsoft partners up to smooth things out only to turn around and continually pull that update crap (out-of-box) updates and crash every mobile that will be made when a end-user purchases a mobile PC not knowing that will happen everytime. It even got me and the second time I knew, was able to do a Factory Image reset and unplug the wifi from the wall, toss it outside j/k just unplugged it 🙂

Hope this helps
it wasn't hardware related, the build its shipped with will always work, the New Build updates, we are RS4 or 5 1803 right now (RedStone) that's were your gonna run into possible conflicts.

Level 7
Thanks for the advice-just so I'm clear, I need to not let it connect to the internet or update anything til...when, exactly? Is it just Windows 10 updates that cause problems or is it any updates? Because this was a BIOS update that it crashed in the middle of, and I'm thinking I remember the prompt window that caused the restart being Asus, not specifically Windows. Which updates/restarts do I need to allow it to do in the beginning, and which should I not allow? You're right in that this is my first Win10 machine (that I've had to set up, at least) and that I was previously using 7. I know Windows is crap sometimes and had my share of problems with 7, but dang, nothing on this scale. I guess I have a hard time believing it's that common of a problem with how I wasn't able to find much while searching online. Surely they can't be crashing that many devices this completely? I know there's users out there who know even less than me and would never guess to avoid all of that, especially considering there's a whole step during Win10 setup that prompts you to connect to the internet.