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Feedback an TY, AMD driver finally installs on build 14393.100+ A/X555dg

Level 8

Thought i would say thank you asus for providing a AMD driver for this laptop, Anniversary Edition Upgrade has been hell for drivers and it looked like Win Update kept trying to download / install the newer driver but keeps failing because its it trying to install all 6 VGA drivers at once :eek:

Anyways after the updates finish and reboot among other things i have gone through the simple solution now is just target

the dedicated 350DX VGA driver with Catalyst manually installed, Select-Seach Windows Update-Search for updates online from the dedicated 350DX and watch it struggle around and install the new Asus driver pictured in pick i tried to provide as many windows in the screenshot as possible, i looked at the R7 it matches but its not in the picture

For those that dont know it is dedicated fully in gaming or 3d apps through High Performance and can be proven 😄 Just thought id mention that, i know these things have gotten a bad REP from time to time.

Catalyst now will load with desktop , like it should have and it now has the extra options that were missing from this models catalyst that came out of the box, version number can be seen and compared.

Again, TY for all the hard work 🙂

For this model this would be the first time i have seen Catayst and driver install properly and it states properly re-configuered listed under the System Reliability Chart on Control Panel

Now this is news worth it for me to have gone into the anniversary edition,