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[FEATURE REQUEST] - Allow GPU Selection on BIOS.

Level 7

Hi ASUS. Owner of a Asus TUF Dash F15 2022 here - FX517ZR.

Since the competitors of the same range have this feature(Acer Nitro, Lenovo Legion) I would like to ask this as a feature request for the upcoming BIOSes: Enable configuration to disable iGPU(intel) and let us boot into full Nvidia mode(dGPU).

Both brands provide this feature at the "Advanced BIOS" option selection, and you could set there NVIDIA to be fully available from the boot, avoiding us to thinker with Optimus when delegating loads to the dGPU.

Is this feasible in the near future?


Level 11

Does your model not have an option to switch to Ultimate mode in Armoury Crate?  I have the TUF F15 2022, and switching to Ultimate mode forces all apps to run on the discrete GPU (it has a MUX switch).

Using Linux here so, there is no way to activate that.

Tried using the Rog Control Center opensource project from `asusctl`. While those folks are doing amazing things as an opensource project, the Ultimate mode from that software ends up creating a perpetual black screen for the built-in screen. Looks like this feature from that project is only available to ROG laptops(not TUF Dash ones).

Having that option available directly on BIOS like Lenovo or Acer does, would be of much help here 🙂

Maybe you could ask seerge (the developer of G-Helper) on Github.  He probably knows how the MUX switch command works, as he basically rewrote a better version of Armoury Crate himself.

Thanks for the tip.

I've also opened a case on gitlab regarding this behavior that happens when setting Dedicated mode using `asusctl`.

While "it works", even the Boot logo is missing when I set Dedicated mode so, there should be some extra code that might need to be implemented for this laptop.

Meanwhile, If ASUS provided that option from the BIOS on Advanced -> GPU Settings, it would be awesome.