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Fans don't max out w/ armoury crate while playing games, but does during other things? ASUS TUF F15

Level 7

Specs: ASUS TUF Dash F15 FX516PM

11th gen i7-11370H
RTX 3060 laptop

My computer runs fine, but when I play games or something that is demanding and needs proper cooling, Armory crate's turbo mode only runs my fans at around 5000 rpm which is not enough at all. When I shift out of turbo mode and back into it, the fans kick back up for about 30 seconds going up to around 8000rpm for both, which makes a huge difference for me. But it doesn't do this automatically. Meanwhile, while I'm browsing or doing other stuff in turbo mode, the fans have no issue automatically maxing out their speed every few seconds even though my current cpu utilization is 8 percent while browsing and my integrated graphics gpu at 2%. Anyone else have this issue/ have tips for me?


Level 12

Armoury Crate is a spit in the face of computing.
Many uninstall it with uninstall software (even in Bios) and install alternative software like or similar

Level 11

I have a 2022 model and there is an option to create a manual fan plan.  This might not be on the 2021 model, in which case there is probably nothing you can do since this is controlled by the BIOS, giving the user very limited control over their system.  You could also try G-Helper.