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DO NOT ever buy an ASUS product again....NEVER! (READ THIS)

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This Laptop is faulted and Asus is doing NOTHING to fix it,
Do not buy this laptop or any other Laptop of the new generation Coffee Lake from ASUS.
The CPU temp goes up IMMEDIATELY and the performance is POOR.

EVERYONE that bought this laptop is having the same problem and ASUS is doing NOTHING!

Read this:

Level 8
is ASUS readig this forum ???

AlexySK wrote:
is ASUS readig this forum ???

This is a customer discussion forum so maybe, maybe not. If you want to voice a complaint you can try posting in the product feedback section (don't know if anyone reads that) or call ASUS phone support.
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Level 8
I have been a loyal ASUS customer but with the last 2 products I bought I discorered that BOTH had conceptual faults and ASUS did NOTHING to help with it.

Last year I bought an
and a faulty Motherboard made the PC not possible to repair, ASUS use a proprietary MB and You cant find it anywhere.

This year I was lured by a new Gaming Notebook TUF FX504
and the construction on the NOTEBOOK IS AGAIN FAULTY.

The notebook use the new i7-8750H processor but you can use only HALF of the power out of it on this notebook.
The processor is continuously throttling because the notebook is overheating,
do you want to know why??

There are not enough vents on the back of the Notebook.
they built a notebook with an i7 processor and a 1050 Ti GPU with 4 small miserable vents on the back of the PC.

Have a look yourself to the picture.

Lets see now if anyone from ASUS has an answer.

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I don't know why they bother making these laptops, nor do I understand why people buy them.

If you want a gaming laptop, get the G750 series and above.. nothing else.

You don't want to thermal throttle? Then you gotta have the thickness. That or repaste.. since stock is ALWAYS crap.

Also, you keep saying you'll never buy any more Asus products yet... here you are again. :f

I must admit though ASUS is being horrid with service, my G752 has a broken hinge and I want to replace it, yet the service center phone line doesn't work.

Level 8

Hello, Asus laptops are pretty good and they're also nice cause they make cheap laptops, unlike other companies who don't care about the poor, as for the throttling , I am pretty sure fan overboost mode will significantly decrease throttling. Test it, try it, and see. Have a good day,

For me, I have had 2 ASUS UX Laptops, and they worked flawless for me for years without any issues for gaming. I am using the RoG Phone, and their quality is still top notch. Keep up the good work RoG!!!!

Level 7
1st time getting the laptop it was at 87-89 C for GPU while gaming. My temps now are ard 70-80 C for GPU and ard 70+ for CPU while gaming (after 3rd reparation because they reapplied the thermal paste). But I'd this terribly unpredictable hard freezing issues since day 1 even though I'd it repaired 4 times with lots of parts being replaced under warranty, and now the freezing issue still persists. Really makes me hesitate to play certain games, as I'll probably lose progression if it hard freeze again at that point in time or even a ban. Asus fx504GM btw.

Hello. Exactly the same issue here. Laptop (3 weeks old) freezes totally random from 5 mins usage time to 2-3 hours. Airplane mode light on, only solution is to longpress the power button. Installed windows 3 times, used windows drivers, asus drivers, manufacturer driver.... nothing works. DId anyone found a solution for this one? Thanks!