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Disable TUF F15 FN button

Level 7

I'm here as I cannot find a solution to this very annoying problem of not being able to turn off the FN key. I have just bought a ASUS TUF F15 gaming laptop, and I have found that there is simply no way to disable the FN key. For example, I use my new laptop for video playback, gaming, and general internet use, and I find it extremely annoying that if I need to turn the volume up/down that I must have to press the damm FN key beforehand!
I wrote a few emails to support, and after a long exchange, they finally admitted that there is no way to disable the FN key. I find that surprising as other makes allow you to turn off the FN function by either pressing FN and esc or FN and F12 etc.. How ASUS have missed this obvious error is beyond me!
I really do like this laptop otherwise, but if ANYONE knows of a getaround on how to disable the FN key in order to use the volume up/down keys normally, and be forever grateful!