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Device manager doesn't detect my GPU. I have tried every solution, but no one works.

Level 7

Hello, I’m having trouble with the GPU on my ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506IHRB – it's not being detected. I got this laptop just about a year ago, and it worked fine until recently. I noticed my computer getting slower, especially when I'm gaming.

I checked NVIDIA GeForce Experience, and it says, ''No NVIDIA GPU is detected in my system.'' At first, I thought it might be a GeForce Experience issue, but after watching a tutorial, I realized the problem is with Device Manager. It only detects my other AMD Radeon GPU.

I've watched lots of tutorials with similar solutions, but none of them work for me. I tried resetting my computer in different ways, but it still doesn't fix this issue. I even tried upgrading to Windows 11 Pro, but that doesn't fix it either.

I tried contacting NVIDIA customer support, and they basically told me to do the same things as in the tutorials. When that didn't work, they told me to contact ASUS customer support, which I did. They told me that my system wasn't compatible with Windows 11 Pro and said that I should reinstall Windows 11 Home, which I did. But still, that doesn't solve this issue. I tried contacting them again, but now they don't respond to me.


My GPU is a NVIDIA GTX 1650


Is there anyone here who knows how I should solve this or how I should get in contact with ASUS customer support?

Thanks in advance.


Level 12

Already on standard option

Which windows are you using I read that windows 11 is the cause of this not sure but many users with the same problem  they  went back to windows 10 and it fixed itself.  

I bought the laptop with Windows 11 Home pre-installed.