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Decide among Dell G15-5520 Gaming Laptop vs ASUS TUF Gaming F15 (2022)

Level 8

Asus -
Dell -
Read serious negative reviews about Dell G15-5520 related to battery/over-heating.
Battery gets depleted in around 2 hours on normal usage (battery power off and not gaming).
Battery cannot last even 40 minutes when gaming with battery power off, read Gaming is not suggested without AC Power on as per many aricles.
CPU over-heating is another major concern in Dell which pushes me towards ASUS
Even after Windows 11 clean install, end-users kept complaning about same.

Here are some similarities/differences between models I have selected as per my budget:
(Will purchase additional 8 GB RAM with any model, I plan to purchase)
Both SHARE same processor
Same GPU - Nvidia RTX 3050 (4G DDR6)
Storage 512 gb ssd

Important Key differences:
Dell 1 x SSD slot VS Asus 2 SSD slots
Dell 56wh battery vs Asus 90 wh [BAttery life is most important in this case]
Dell 8 GB DDR5 Ram vs Asus 8 GB DDR4 Ram

I need a good mid-range gaming laptop with good battery life, where Asus superseeds Dell.
Any reasons, which laptop I must select ?

Prime requirements:
Light gaming


Level 9

The TUF have MUX Switch

Thanks for reply, Not much interested in MUX Switch as my concern is battery life difference both the models listed above.

Also if I am playing some games in Dell compared to Asus model listed above, how much performance difference I might get positive/negative.

On idle mode (not gaming) but doing other work like Browsing/Youtube/Ms Office Dell laptop lasts around 2 hours with 53wr battery, would be the additional battery time I may get with Asus on 90wr battery ?

Also if fast charging is supported by Asus model listed above ? How much is power supply 200w ot 240 w not mentioned in specifications.



The only thing what make a difference with RTX 30 laptop is GPU wattage and MUX Switch I can't find it in both laptops

On idle mode (not gaming) but doing other work like Browsing/Youtube/Ms Office Dell laptop lasts around 2 hours with 53wr battery, would be the additional battery time I may get with Asus on 90wr battery

Yes the TUF have a better battery but it depends in what mode you use in asus armory crate if you use performance mode the battery will not last long if you you use balanced or SILENT it last long whatever is your using is

Thanks for clarification Ahmed,
I am not a geek so prefer to keep 1 setting only (which can do good in gaming and non-gaming mode). Laptop shall be used by kids mostly.
If I remember dell laptop with 53wr lasts around 2 hours (performance mode non-gaming) so I am assuming Asus laptop with 90wr battery should last atleast 3 hours+ 

An important question will be, Dell has DDR5 Ram 4800 MHZ  and Asus has DDR4 RAM 3200 MHZ (will this create a huge impact in gaming/regular work ? Slow down Asus laptop ?
I am going to upgrade asus 8 gb ram to 16 gb.

No interested in MUX switch technology.
Advantage on Asus is 2 ssd slots as well

RAM shouldn't make a difference as long as you upgrade to two sticks on ASUS so it's running in dual channel.  I would strongly recommend against gaming on battery, as it will destroy your battery capacity quite quickly.  Rapid discharge (which happens during gaming) causes the battery to heat up, which is quite bad for it.

I would go with the ASUS because Dell is generally just a trash company with horrible software and because of the bigger battery.

Also, I have an i7-12700H, which is even more power hungry, and I get 6-8 hours of battery life doing office-type work with my 90 Wh battery (although I have installed some applications that improve my battery life that aren't there by default).

Thanks for reply,
IF you i7 - 12700H with 90 whr, gives 6 - 8 hours of life doing office-type work..
I can expect a better life on my configuration.

Can you share the links to some applications, with a guide as well for better battery ?

How is the heating issue on this laptop ?
Gaming or non-gaming this is the last thing heard very bad about Asus

ThrottleStop: ThrottleStop 9.6 Download | TechPowerUp

Check the disable turbo box on ThrottleStop when on battery, it will reduce the max speed of the CPU but greatly reduces power draw and heat output.

G-Helper: seerge/g-helper: Lightweight Armoury Crate alternative for Asus laptops. Control tool for ROG Zephyr...

Use G-Helper instead of Armoury Crate as it is more power efficient and can disable all Asus services, which use unnecessary CPU. Also, use G-Helper for "auto" setting under display, which will change display to 60 Hz on battery, saving power.  You can also disable screen overdrive with G-Helper, which will save more power.

Turn battery saver on under Wi-Fi, volume, and battery menu in the lower right corner.  Also, turning the screen brightness as low as you can handle will greatly extend your battery life.

The cooling is probably not that bad, especially with a lower spec configuration like that that draws less power.  Just make sure to close out unnecessary applications that are taking CPU.  If you're doing heavy gaming, a cooling pad like this one ( havit HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans),...) will greatly reduce temps.  You don't even need to plug the cooling pad in, just having it under the laptop while doing heavy work reduces temps by 10 C for me.

I have the FX507ZM, which has an i7-12700H and 3060, and cooling is fine.  I can't say for certain whether ASUS downgraded the cooling in that one, though, because the 3050 and i5-12500H have lower power draws.

That product is not available in my country, could please be able to search for a suitable product from