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Computer wont let me select 2060 gtx

Level 7

I just got this used TUF Gaming with a 2060 gfx.

It is a fresh Win 11 install and fresh and newest Nvidia drivers installed through GeForce Experience (august 23 drivers).

But I cant use the 2060 for anything.

I cannot select it in Windows 11 under the section with frequenz - only the internal card (with 60 Hz) shows up.

In the Nvidia Control Panel I've chosen to use the 2060 as default - but still everything runs with the onboard GFX.

It is highly frustrating not being able to run any game with the 2060, and I am simply out of ideas. I cannot find anywhere I havent set the computer to use 2060 - but still its like the computer ignores the card.

It shows to be properly installed with no issues and it shows fine in Armoury Crate too.

I hope you guys can help


Level 11

Can you give me the exact model number of the laptop?


With external monitor it connects fine to 2060 but internal monitor is stuck to default both when idling and in games.

And I did do all the tricks, set to high performance etc...

Level 7


Now I got it working in e.g. CSGO, but it runs 60 hz, because it's still the onboard 60 hz Radeon-card that is set on the desktop settings. I cannot change them. The Nvidia systray software has 9 programs running but says "No monitor connected to this card".

So somehow the card cannot be connected to the 'generic monitor' when then restrains the performance.

Is your whole screen still running at 144 Hz and just games running on the Nvidia GPU run at 60 Hz, or is everything running at 60 Hz?

Everything 60 hZ when on the internal monitor.

120 hZ when connecting to an external screen.


Check around in the Radeon software to see if there is an option to switch to 144 Hz and/or 8-bit color (it says you're running on 6-bit which is below average).

It is normal that your screen is connected directly to the Radeon Graphics because your laptop does not have a MUX switch, so the RTX 2060 is routed through the Radeon Graphics.  However, connecting to an external display through HDMI goes directly to the RTX 2060, so it looks like it is an issue with Radeon being set to 60 Hz.

Turns out  - looking up the screen panel - that my screen is only a 60 hZ screen where the majority were sold with 120 hZ. Bummer - but that solves it.

Thanks for trying 👍