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Can't achieve 144fps when DP is connected to combo port

Level 7

Hi Everyone

This is more of a report than a complain. I just would like to know if this is the normal behavior and the product was engineered to behave like that, or there will be any BIOS update that will change this. If someone from the Engineering or Official Support team could confirm this behavior.

I've noticed that since I bought a DP->USB-C cable, my frame rates dropped from 144fps to 60fps steady on almost every Indie game, which are the ones i know they will sustain that frame rate and can be reliably used as measurement. The frame rate drop happened on other monitors that are NOT the DisplayPort one.

I'm using Linux in this laptop and I was first blaming some Nvidia and Kernel updates on it but after some testing I've found:

  • Using the built-in screen alone, I got the 144hz/fps
  • Using the built-in screen + HDMI, I achieved 144hz/fps on both monitors.
  • Using the build-in screen + HDMI + DP, connected to the second usb-c port(the DP+USB combo one, not the thunderbolt one), I noticed that my FPS gets limited to 60 on both other monitors that are supposed to work at 144hz/fps.

Weird thing is that using xrandr or other tools to inspect monitor frequency, I can see that it is correctly set to 144hz, but frames get limited.

After connecting the second monitor on the Thunderbolt 4 port, boom, everything gets back to normal on HDMI and built-in displays and I can achieve some nice 144fps on multiple games.

Very strange that a port declared as Display Port v1.4 and is configured to use a lower frequency(60Hz) would impact on the other 2 monitors that are my main ones for gaming.

Is this supposed to happen? Was the laptop engineered to behave like that, crippling performance from HDMI an built-in display when a port that is supposed to be combo is connected?


Level 7

Forgot to mention, the laptop model is a FX517ZR model with a RTX3070