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Can I put DDR5 for Asus TUF Gaming F15 2023

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Hi, I bought a TUF laptop Model - FX507VU und yesterday and I wann a upgrade the ram of it to 32GB DDR5 but the default came with only 8GB DDR4-3200. So how can I change to DDR5-4800.

This model have different slot shapes ? In the Tech Specs say that support both DDR 






Level 12

However, before doing anything it is good to make sure, perhaps by contacting ASUS.
Because in addition to the risk of voiding the warranty, if it is still there, you could also throw the PC away.

ASUS may void the warranty if the laptop has been opened and tampered with by unauthorized personnel.
If you read this link, in addition to everything else, it says:

Limited Warranty Service Exclusions.
The warranty does not apply if :
- you experience damage caused by improper installation or improper connection to a peripheral device
- you experience damage caused by third-party software or viruses;
- damage occurs due to the use of parts not manufactured or sold by ASUSTeK;

Also, after making sure that you are able to perform this operation, for those who do not know, it is necessary to know that when servicing a laptop computer, it is very important to discharge static electricity.
Therefore, it is necessary to avoid wearing socks or walking on carpets.
You need to regularly touch a door handle or something metal to make sure you do not have static electricity, because it could literally ruin your laptop.

Before doing anything, disconnect the battery, then hold down power button for 10 seconds to remove any



Level 7

no u can't , the slot shape of dd4 is different from ddr5 , and the motherboard built to accept ddr4 only 🙂