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BSOD only WHEN USING Best Power efficiency mode

Level 7

My laptop is an Asus TUF A15—Ryzen 7 CPU, 16GB RAM, rtx 3050TI card. I was having non-stop BSOD and reinstalled Windows a few times (windows 11 Home) Last time I didn't install the ROG Armory crate. Now I do not get BSOD when my laptop is plugged in. Unless I use Best Power efficiency mode. After a few minutes of switching to Best Power efficiency mode, I get BSOD. Could this be just a software problem or a hardware problem? The laptop was bought 7 months ago brand new. But has a power button issue. Sometimes I have to try to turn the laptop on for a few minutes. I brought this to the shop I bought it from but they don't have a clue.

Link to minidump files -

My laptop - 


Level 12

When the BSOD comes up what is the error it shows if any.