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bosd and rma

Level 7
Hi guy's, this is my first post and I checked the forum if someone had problems with rma as I did and a i found a few. Anyways I have a N61Jq laptop since last year it started to get the bsod with the error bugcode_usb_driver. At first I thought it was win7 the prob i formatted the drive reinstalled the drivers and same error popped up. before anything i had called rma last year couldn't send the laptop in for rma because I got a major surgery in short my laptop warranty expired feb 11 of this year anyways asus accepted to fix my laptop.

The First time they changed the fan. i get it back from asus took 1 week later and the bsod came back with the same error. Called asus for second time they told me I have to send it in again no problem I did, they changed the motherboard the second time.

I get my laptop back as soon as I open it to check it in less than 10 minutes I get the blue screen with the same error. So I figured because of the old motherboard might have corrupted windows or the drivers. I decided to reinstall windows with the factory disc it came with and updated the drivers. 10 minutes after that I get the bsod error message again.

I sent it in for a third time. I'm speechless of how many times I sent it in, and I really don't know if they are fixing it or just saying they, don't get me wrong I'm a fan of asus. All my mobo's we're and are asus. I just purchased a new mobo the p8z77-v Deluxe and absolutely love it.

I wanted to know if I get it back the this time and the error comes back is there anyone I can call for information about the problems ?

Level 10
hey joey, i just pm'd you to get your rma information so i can make sure your laptop gets properly repaired this time.

Level 10
Hi Joey, how's it holding up? Last I heard, updating the drivers has fixed the problem with the BUGCODE_USB. Still good?

Level 14
@JoeyT - It was interesting to read about your multiple RMA's due to a BUGCODE_USB BSOD. It reminded me of of another thread ( ) reporting a similar issue with multiple RMA's failing to resolve the problem. @nuke235 reported he finally resolved his BUGCODE_USB BSOD issue by using ThrottleStop in .

Preventing the CPU from dropping down to a lower power mode C-State was the key to preventing this issue. Something to consider if your issue should persist.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

i had called asus for the 4th time they were telling me to rma it again, after they changed the motherboard twice, the heatsink and fan usb boards with an s lol and also my power switch and sound card. Thanks to Mason and the asus customer care service, solved my problem. It was the usb 3.0 driver the problem. When service pack 1 is installed by the internet it updates the usb 3.0 driver aswell if the fix is not applied it will give the blue screens left and rigt here's the fix "KB2529073" you can download it here

but i'll check out the post and software aswell

Again Thank You everyone on this forum and post aswell as Mason and his Team 🙂 :cool:

Level 10
No problem Joey. Thanks for posting the root cause and the fix! Should prove helpful to anyone else experiencing the issue!:cool:

i was freaking out to see how many rma's i was getting. But as soon as i spoke to customer care the tech found the problem right away and i had a feeling it couldn't be hardware as the motherboard had been replaced twice. I understand once but twice there is no way that a board can fail twice in a row. Almost impossible if you ask me. This laptop i barely use it or stress it. The only time it gets used is when one of my cousin's comes over and goes on facebook and plays 1 of the facebook games. The laptop is on vacation when its that site lol.

The only stress test this laptop got was when i went to italy for vacation and i brought it with me, it was meant to save my pictures on my laptop. Then my one of my small cousin's saw i had a few games on it and well he went on playing it for over a month, he played mostly left for dead and left for dead 2. played for hours there goes my stress test lol.